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The Company

Who We Are

Epigen Technology provides transparency into our company DNA of Who we are, What we do, How we do it, and Who we do it with and for. Through noble intent, we provide best in class solutions utilizing technology, knowledge, and expertise.

What We Do

Epigen is a Solution Delivery firm. The company’s focus is applying methods of machine learning and analytics to support client objectives and growth. Epigen was founded in 2016 to meet the growing need, in both the public and commercial sector, to bridge the gap between casting vision and actualizing it with maximum impact and efficiency. While Epigen specializes in using advanced technology, our team takes a holistic approach by integrating change management strategies with custom software solutions. As science, math, and analytics are our foundation behind everything we do, we are able to understand your organizations’ epigenetic framework and suggest positive and effective solutions to achieve your goals.

How We Do It

Leveraging the latest software advances can revolutionize mission success. Government agencies and private companies can experience streamlined connection like never before with other agencies, clients and partners. To capitalize on these enormous potential benefits, organizations must be able to strategically and continuously adapt to and with modern capabilities. Epigen takes a holistic view on meeting your agency or business’s needs. From simple change management practices to complex custom software solutions, we will devise and implement comprehensive solutions. We address questions of strategy, vision and success rates using state-of-the-art analytical tools. 

Why We Do What We Do 

Our Philosophy

As part of our philosophy, Epigen architects and creates solutions through noble intent. At Epigen we have three philosophical actionable statements:

 – If you don’t know where you’re going, any path you take will lead you there.  Leading with clear objectives and goals will allow you to pivot throughout your business journey. 
 – You can’t feed anyone from an empty plate.  Knowledge transfer is crucial, always make sure knowledge transfer and experiences remain current. Make sure you understand the demands that are being placed on yourself as well as technology.
 – Suck less today than you did yesterday.  Continuous improvement and continuous training are necessary, never stop learning.

Epigen empowers people, automates evaluation and delivery processes, mitigates contracting risks, and ensures roadmap level progress of systems and services to meet customer mission. Early adoption of the diversity of experience available in both the typical and untapped market places and inclusiveness of ideas and management throughout the organization will build a culture, a culture of empowerment with focus on mission successes, a reputation for those successes, opportunities for more successes, and a circle of diversity and inclusion that will naturally grow with reputation and success for customers, citizens, our people and our company.

Mission focus in incorporating advanced analytics and machine learning is key in establishing and maintaining the success of the organization. Technology should not drive the mission. The organization must identify the mission objectives and the knowledgeable resources needed to adopt and manage the people, processes, and technologies.

Your Mission Is Our Mission

With what we do in Emerging Technology, InfoSec, Architecture and Planning, and Agile solution delivery, our team at Epigen employs the inner workings and experience in data science, cognitive computing, NLP, agile methodology, change management, analytics, deep machines learning, and more to apply the necessary skills to our expert solutions. Epigen applies all aspects of these technologies along with analytics to understand the underlining DNA of organizations and enable them to apply the necessary changes for positive outcomes. Through noble Intent, our mission is to change the way organizations actualize vision and solve problems. While meeting these needs, Epigen strives to always meet its core values. We approach your organization’s challenges by listening and learning. Every detail of your organization and vision is taken into consideration. Your goals and mission are our highest priority. Our determination helps drive our diversity of though which leads to innovation with teamwork and excellence. In addition to our hard skills, Epigen instills soft skills to tie our solutions together. What We Value, Defines Your Results


The people of Epigen, regardless of age, citizenship, gender, race or religion will respect the diversity of experiences and actively seek the inclusion of ideas from and in support of each other in the process of bringing success to our customers, our citizens, our company, our people and our individual selves.


Epigen works hard to get it right. While valuing work-life balance at every level, our team is passionate for delivering client success.


Epigen meets every challenge and solves every problem with unparalleled innovation and creativity. As industry thought leaders, our team finds original solutions without compromising streamlined user experience and elegance.


To meet individual client needs, Epigen continuously cultivates strategic partners to form expanded teams of the same high quality we expect from ourselves. We have successfully teamed with partners on many of our largest project efforts to date and stand prepared to bring that same teamwork to future projects of any size.


Epigen is committed to meeting client goals and exceeding expectations. Our company has developed and implemented a system of quality control designed to ensure that all services are rendered with the highest standards.

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