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Knowledge transfer, learning, and sharing is part of our Epigenetic Framework. Below are some of our previous engagements and events attended and supported by Epigen.

September 27-29, 2019, Washington, DC
Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) 2019


** Epigen is a Corporate Member
The conference’s theme, “Engaged & Empowered,” will guide our formulation of the agenda and topics and unite the essence of the conference, while remaining general enough for the participants to explore many different tangents and facets. It ties closely to our core mission statement (Inspire, Connect, Empower) and the organization’s current evolution (referred to as “DEF 3.0”).
Further, it carries on the logical next step from previous conferences: where first DEF inspired a movement and then connected people into a community, now we seek to focus on empowering that community to effect good change. No coincidence that this correlates with the national conference’s first meeting in the nation’s capitol–the seat of many forms of power from a national security perspective!
DEF 2018 focused on “Ideas to Action”… this year we take the next step, engaging with the landscape and empowering ourselves and each other!
In addition to being a Corporate Member, Epigen’s CEO will be presenting on a panel:
Deeper Dive in AI/ML
Panel Members:
Terry Rice, Epigen Technology
Justin Woulfe
Mike Anderson

May 15, 2019
Vision 2040 presentation to CITC Board of Directors
March 30 – April 2, 2019, Lake Buena Vista, FL
InfoSec World 2019 / DevSecOps Symposium

DevSecOps as a First Principle: The Culture of Adoption – It’s a People Problem People
Terry Rice, CEO, Epigen Technology Corp
DevSecOps technology and methodology aside, the problem we face most in DevSecOps is a people problem. From a Chief Architect’s position, Terry will describe the lack of organizational understanding in implementing DevSecOps as a first principle, the barriers organizations create that block adoption of DevSecOps as a fundamental component to their success, how we got here, how we overcome it, and how we move forward.
—– AND —–
DevSecOps Panel
Terry Rice, CEO, Epigen Technology Corp

March 17-21, 2019, Silicon Valley, CA
March 12-13, 2019, Austin, TX
GovCity Cohort (#GC1)
Inaugural Annual Event, First 75 By Specific Invite Only

Hosted by Terry Rice, Epigen Technology,
On behalf of GH Ventures, Capital Factory, and Crush Industries, we would like to extend a spot in the inaugural “#GC1” GovCity Cohort


Joined a very special cohort of 75 hand-selected innovators for a series of powerful VIP fireside chats, creative white-boarding, experiential learning, and intimate networking. A first of its kind, the Austin class will forever hold the designation of the first movers, making each of us into passionate leaders and mastermind hosts in future GovCity classes.
GovCity is an opportunity to leave your office behind for two full days and intersect with government and private sector innovation and tech leaders, doers and thinkers, artists and makers. You don’t know yet the caliber of the other individuals in your Cohort, but be assured, it is an impressive one. Your fellow classmates represent a wide variety of interconnected disciplines and industries including, Spartan Race, LA Mayor’s Office, NYC Mayor’s Office, Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, Coding it Forward, Reddit, Presidential Innovation Fellows, Department of Homeland Security, NASA, Texas A&M University, the State of Indiana, AFWERX, AdCouncil, Accelerate H2O, Texas Innovation Defense Forum, LISNR, VNTANA, United States Army, United States Air Force and so many others (plus several surprise guests). We have curated a list of cohort members that will shock life into your personal and professional networks – on purpose. With an anchoring theme of Resiliency in the Era of Innovation.

February 21, 2019, Washington, DC
NOVAGPU #2: AI Use Cases with the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier Embedded Platform
Hosted by Terry Rice, Epigen Technology

Join us for an informative presentation by Deepu Talla, Vice President of NVIDIA’s Jetson Embedded business, on AI Use Cases with the Nvidia Jetson Xavier embedded platform. Deepu will be presenting on the use of NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier embedded platform for AI applications such as autonomous systems, video analytics, robotics, biometric screening, smart cities, and more. Xavier is the building block for NVIDIA’s own self driving and autonomous machines platform, NVIDIA DRIVE AGX. With the power to handle the compute load to detect, analyze, and identify objects through video and sensor feeds in real time, Xavier has many applications that can be used to service our federal and national security community.

December 15, 2018, Washington, DC
Wreaths Across America
October 22-24, 2018, Washington, DC
October 14-17, 2018 Philadelphia, PA
ACT-IAC: ImagiNation ECL 2018
Emerging Technology Track / Sessions
June 5-6, 2018, Albany, NY
2018 NYS Cyber Security Conference

Organizational Maturity in the Age of Cyber and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Presentation by Terry Rice, Epigen Technology Corporation
Panel with 
Amélie E. Koran, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of the Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services
Sandy Voellinger, Sr Principal Engineer, Copper River Enterprise Services
Manish Karir, Vice President, Enterprise Security Score, FICO

Are organizations more secure today than they were yesterday? Are they positioned to ensure they are secure tomorrow? Policy automation has significantly increased productivity since the 80s. The information made available through that automation is now the online target from both external and internal sources. The organization must now continuously secure systems from threats while improving processes. Today’s analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), recommendation and optimization technologies can help organizations 1) review yesterday’s results, 2) assess/plan for today, and 3) predict tomorrow’s resource and system priorities. Currently, executives and managers throw a wide net of resources and tools to prevent infiltrations. Quarter after quarter, volumes of proactive activities and related costs are reported and expectations of activities and costs are set for the next quarter. Certainly a lot of hard work is being done, but are all threats being addressed adequately and proactively? Executives and managers have to develop structures and processes that dynamically assess and prioritize resources and tools in an ever-changing landscape. From this presentation, learn about analytics, AI, ML and recommendation and optimization (brief overview); how crucial resource/policy planning is to the successful implementation of smart technologies; how to allocate the right resources/tools to respond to the organization’s changing landscape; how to assess where the organization stands today; how that assessment differs from external and internal perceptions; and how to write clear Statements of Work that result in effective responses.

May 17, 2018, Washington, DC
NOVAGPU #1: Supercharging Investigations with GPUs & Graphs
Hosted by Terry Rice, Epigen Technology

NOVAGPU is for anyone interested in understanding how to implement and use GPUs to perform machine learning and advanced analytics. We will discuss a wide range of topics to include; tech talks on implementing and developing machine learning skills using GPUs, business talks on the challenges that business and government organizations face when implementing advanced analytic platforms, demonstrations of emerging tools and technologies in the advanced analytic space, etc. All skill levels are welcome. We are looking forward to exploring the exciting world of advanced analytics and machine learning using GPUs with everybody.

Come meet our partners, customers, and industry experts who are blazing the trail for the implementation of innovative and emerging technology throughout the public sector and commercial markets.
Presentation: Supercharging Investigations with GPUs & Graphs

An informative presentation by Dr. Leo Meyerovich, on using GPU based graph technology to supercharge security and fraud investigations.

Security and fraud investigations often require sifting through many logs and transactions, yet typical search and dashboard tools feel closer to 1985 technology than 2045. This talk shares two technologies Graphistry has been developing to supercharge the investigation process. First, we show how GPU cloud streaming scales visual analytics, and especially so for link analysis. The improvement often enables analysts to see all of their data for the first time. Scaling visibility is fundamental to areas like threat hunting where analysts must frequently explain new and changing datasets. Second, we introduce the idea of visual investigation templates, which enables workflow automation and collaboration with unusually strong support for investigative tasks. When used in teams tackling problems like security and fraud, these can mean the difference between minutes vs. hours, or even making the right insight at all. We will ground our examples from security (ex: improving incident response with Splunk) and fraud (ex: better analysis of credit card running in Spark).

Panel Discussion
Following the presentation and demonstration, we will hold a panel discussion with leading government officials and industry experts. The panel will discuss the unique challenges they are facing in the implementation and adoption of modern technology and techniques to support innovative government initiatives.
The panel representatives are:

Evan Lee – CTO, Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General
Brian Thomas – Agency Data Scientist, National Aeronautic and Space Administration
Mike Hermus – Founder & CEO, Revolution Four Group; Former CTO, Department of Homeland Security
Leo Meyerovich – Founder & CEO, Graphistry, Inc.
Terry Rice – Founder & CEO, Epigen Technology Corp.


NVIDIA unveiled its Metropolis edge-to-cloud platform for video analytics to make cities smarter and safer. More than 50 NVIDIA AI city partners provide applications that use deep learning on GPUs, many on display at #GTC17.

February 21, 2017, Washington, DC
Young AFCEA Bethesda ProDev: Blockchain, AI and Maching Learning
Panel including Terry Rice, Epigen Technology

Networking event hosted by Young AFCEA Bethesda brought together government & industry executives for an engaging discussion on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.