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The pressure to drive 
greater results with fewer resources can be daunting

Leading with clear objectives is essential.
Epigen’s framework allows leaders to develop a strategic vision for their organization. We start conversations with staff on all levels to discover and understand what works. We listen and learn. Using this information, we look to build realistic objectives aligned with an established strategic vision. 

Emphasizing knowledge transfer is crucial.
Epigen’s methodology ensures that people within an organization share their knowledge. This increases productivity and empowers and equips people to be more productive while implementing the strategic goals and objectives of the organization. 

You can do more with less.
Using Epigen’s framework and methodology, organizations have proven that they not only can do more with less, they can do more because they have less. Understanding clear goals and objectives, sharing knowledge with everyone in the process, and using advanced technology to augment the user intelligence ensures that you will be more productive and can produce more with less.

We implement our framework and methodology across four main areas of focus Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technology, Architecture & Planning, Information Security, and Agile Management & Delivery, to help establish a plan that allows an organization to be successful in today’s advanced and rapidly emerging technological environment.


We analyze and define the domains of your business or agency’s operation. Our customized Solution and Enterprise Architecture Plans will provide your company with a path forward technologically and operationally.


The Epigen team will work with you to create an adaptive strategy. Epigen integrates both change management and technological solutions to install best practices and revolutionize business and agency capabilities.


Epigen’s unique methodology involves applying a foundation of science and math to drive the implementation of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cognitive computing, and robotics. Our team is likewise adept at identifying use cases where these and other emerging technologies addresses distinct organizational and mission needs.


Secure your systems. Protect your data. Own your edge. Using the latest in analytical technology and intelligence gathered from years of technology experience, practice, and artisanship, Epigen leverages intelligent systems, processes, and insights to provide constant vigilance and expertise for executive decision-makers and leaders.