Tysons, VA 22102

Rashad Howard

Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, Rashad is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Change Agent with a commitment to using business as a means of achieving and providing financial and psychological freedom for himself and his community.  

His passion for entrepreneurship is bookended with his “issues with authority” and an intense aversion to spending his life doing the exact same thing every day…forever. Thus, he has been led to start businesses in diverse industries…many of which seem on the surface to have little to do with the other.  His business interests have been in Management Consulting, Government Contracting, Marketing & Consumer Engagement, Software Development & Gamification, Executive Coaching, Debt Purchasing & Finance, Logistics, and a few other hobby-turned-side-hustle endeavors. He has thrown larger sums of cash than he’d like to admit at a few failed investments that promised “revolutionary” upside, while conversely seeing some significant returns from some of the most mundane endeavors.  Rashad is uniquely talented at helping his clients and partners leverage far outside-the-box methods to channel innovations using the power of association: marrying imagination with research; organizational creativity with best practices; inspiration with deliberation; and all for the purpose of bringing elegant solutions to incredibly complex problems. Rashad has a Bachelor of Science in English from the United States Air Force Academy and an MBA from the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.

Some other info and fun facts about Rashad
– His varied skill-set includes Strategic Planning, Portfolio and Program Management, Innovation Research & Development, Business Process Reengineering, Organizational Design and Execution, Software Product Design & Implementation, Culture & Change Management, Beat Making, and 16 Bars of Lyrical Heat.  Other skills include making grilled cheese sandwiches for his two children Ethan and Naima; buying expensive handbags for his wife Markëta; and music production in his basement recording studio. If money and talent were no object, Rashad would be a legendary Hip-Hop star with more platinum hits than Jay-Z, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar combined.    Rashad believes that inspiration can strike at any time, and so he still takes his beat machine in his backpack everywhere he travels, along with his leather journal filled with pages full of rap verses; notes from client meetings; new ideas; and love letters to himself full of positive affirmations to stay centered in such a competitive entrepreneurial landscape.