Tysons, VA 22102

Nikolai Shaposhnikov

Nikolai Shaposhnikov is a Senior Data Scientist at Epigen Technology. Nikolai’s responsibilities include developing and operationalizing machine learning models and artificial intelligence applications across various platforms.

Computational astrophysicist by training, Nikolai spent 13 years at NASA analyzing data from the most enigmatic objects in the universe such as black holes and neutron stars. He developed and maintained complex software for analysis of X-ray data from scientific orbital telescopes. As an observational astronomer Nikolai defined the logic behind complex data pipelines and applied best practices for data management. After making the transition to industry he worked on geolocation algorithms and machine learning applications in the maritime domain. He brings scientific rigor and deep statistical background to help businesses leverage AI and machine learning tools.

Some other info and fun facts about Mike –  Nikolai’s biggest passion outside his job is playing acoustic guitar. He also enjoys books, ice hockey and going places with his family.