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Information Security

Protecting Information by Mitigating Information Risks

No matter how strong their cyber armory is, organizations will always struggle to trust their overall security posture. Without an architecture-based approach on a comprehensive assessment of technologies, threats, and targets, an organization’s most critical data assets and value resources can be leveraged as vulnerabilities and used against them. Epigen’s proprietary artifacts and methods evaluate your organization’s security profile and posture through precision metrics, to build a resilient, effective, and immediately impactful strategy. After analysis, we assess the overall security posture and deliver a strategic roadmap and tactical playbook, measured in recommended action and operational value. The overall security and architecture design we plan and prepare transforms the security organizational network, from systems and data to workflows and processes, to deliver a complete solution that is readily implemented and easily maintained.

Compliance Strategy

Legislative, regulatory, and organization-specific business requirements drive an overwhelming majority of security-related compliance efforts, initiatives, and action plans. Internationally, regional Data Protection Authorities establish compliance standards like the GDPR, APEC Privacy Framework, and Cross Border Privacy Rules, heavily impacting global enterprises. Business and industry specific models like HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, SOX, FISMA, and NIST/DFARS have critical weight on an organization’s value in their market and vertical. The emerging landscape of regulatory risk requires intelligent analysis of where, how, and why companies do business, and what efforts are prioritized are into value-focused optimization strategies. By helping design and implement the audit strategy, Epigen help ensure the organization maintains its business unique value through a security differentiator.

Information Security

Information Security is the discipline of maneuvering, managing, and arraying technology to preserve digital assets critical to an organization’s business, operation, and reputation. As a practice, Information Security is the skilled application of intelligence management of the People, Process, Technology, and Community dimensions of a business organism to preempt, prevent, deter, defend, and exploit threats that would seek to compromise the business. Cybersecurity is the governance and administration of all systems, technologies, and tools that provide a distinct function in the daily processing and controlling of entrusted, sensitive data – the organization’s most valuable intangible asset. In either supporting, guiding, or leading the employment of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), Epigen serves as the trusted adviser to client organizations seeking to model risk maturity, minimization, and mitigation across their business landscape, to secure their customers, users, and services.

Policy Governance

Policy governance is most often played as a spectator sport, operationalized through traditional methods of procedural training, awareness, and validation to relieve financial burden. The risk and consequence is so much more multi-dimensional and asymmetric. It is uncommon to have a modern policy framework that not only includes technology-focused needs, but cultivates them, encouraging innovation and revision to harness the needs of the business, world, and day. The Epigen Team assists clients in architecting a policy library that nurtures the organization’s vision, mission, objectives and culture into a growth strategy scaffolded by verifiable, accurate data systems, metrics, and indicators. Arming organizations with freedom inside of a best practice framework, we saddle emerging technology capabilities to deliver next generation, digital analytics and reporting that enables executive decision-makers. Through empowered policy-governed data intelligence, organizations are able to harness the power of invention to aggressively work FOR the business, not passively against it on the sideline.


Development. Security. Operations. When played as separate instruments, the 3 components of DevSecOps have simplicity, resonating with specific purpose, sound, and goal. Epigen helps organizations maintain this fundamental purity, orchestrating each into a single harmony; a unified arrangement with a singular business effect. Epigen’s DevSecOps methodology adds voice to the organizational culture scored in technology design, development, and implementation initiatives. We ensure a deep and natural working relationship between innovation, security, and privacy; governed by critical business uses, owned by critical business users. We drive beyond simple adoption of technology served with a side of security best practice, and instead strive to create organic internalization of security as the spouse of production, life partner of technology, colleague to invention, and best friend to business success. Remixing the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) with proven security techniques, thought leadership, and creative problem-solving, Epigen artisans architect business relevant frameworks to exceed administrative, operational, and technical compliance requirements. We dive into deep end work, not forcing security IN design, but pioneering security FOR design, to enable clients to preempt, prevent, and prevail against cyber risks that would compromise their critical assets and threaten their business brand.