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Agile Management & Delivery

Providing quick and iterative solutions

Epigen’s agile management and delivery is a mixture of technology and methodology, which takes into consideration multiple requirements, assessments, and solutions. These elements evolve through a collaborative effort of organization, evaluation, and customer feedback. Epigen’s agile management and delivery encourages a model of adaptive planning and development through noble intent, and rapid and flexible reaction to change. Process adaptability and success are achieved through management, design, and delivery.


We have perfected an incremental and iterative method of managing the design (architecture) of programs, products, and organizations. We bring tools, methods, and approaches that engage our clients in discovering emerging requirements; identifying and addressing nuanced issues; and sourcing and collecting the comprehensive information needed to make explicit decisions for program and organizational success. Employing our agile delivery model ensures change management is built into everything we do, guaranteeing our clients and all your stakeholders have a “voice” (inclusion, acknowledgement, and engagement) at every step.


As the operational environment shifts, organization objectives and design specifications must adapt. Solution design addresses the operational capabilities needed by the business. Business functionality, technology, process change, and organizational change are assessed. Solution Design provides a living framework which facilitates seamless integration between desired operational capabilities and technology planning.


Epigen’s agile delivery model is a combination of iterative and incremental process models with a focus on process adaptability and customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of working products and solutions. By working with clients and applying our evolutionary models, Epigen is able to innovatively and quickly deliver solutions with the adoption of iterative process management and a flexible framework that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and strategy. Using Design Thinking and agile methodologies, Epigen’s delivery ensures positive solutions at a rapid pace.